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Join the elite. Our team of professional photographers get paid $40-$80 an hour for doing that they love.

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Create market-leading products and amazing digital experiences.

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Create everything from gorgeous graphics to immersive user experiences.

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Customer & Employee Experience

Join the team that’s 100% focused on creating an engaging experience for our customers and employees.

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Sales & Consulting

Our growth is exploding and the opportunities are amazing — for our customers, our business, and you.

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Innovate in the areas of privacy, patents, and anti-piracy.

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Tell the world about our incredible company, brand, and products.

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Partner with our business units to help drive exceptional bottom-line results.

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Benefits & Perks


There is a massive demand in Real Estate photography. The rise of virtual advertising is flourishing and we plan to always have a constant flow of customers keeping our employees busy.


You are able to work in a career that you love, have the chance to build your own personal real estate photography portfolio, and gain ‘resume building’ experience all at the same time.


As our employee, you are able to pick and choose when and where you want to shoot. We will provide you the jobs, and you can work as much or as little as you like.


You control what you want to earn. You will be your own independent contractor and be paid a flat rate upon each job. We pay our employees up to $40 an hour for each job.


Working with My Home Images, you will be challenged in your profession like never before. You will learn to shoot many types of unique spaces and build your experience immensely.


You will have the opportunity to travel to beautiful destinations and meet wonderful Real Estate professionals along the way. There is never a boring shoot as every building is different and will portray its own unique characteristics for you to shoot.

“Some People Dream Sucess Other Make It Happen.”

Be Apart OF Something Bigger!

At My Home Images we love volenteering in our community and the surrounding areas.

We believe that celebrating life and capturing priceless moments is important, which is why our services is Free of charge. No matter what type of photography service you're in need of our professional photographers specialize in all types of photography.

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These folks at My Home Images are amazing. Their photos and customer service is second to none. I couldn’t be more impressed.


Our Values

ProfessionalismIntegrityCustomer FocusedExcellenceAwesome People

We will conduct ourselves according to the highest set of standards; a way of life and manner that embodies expertise, responsibility, commitment and ethics.

To earn (and maintain) the trust of our clients, customers, and colleagues. We will ALWAYS say what we mean and mean what we say – WE WILL ALWAYS KEEP OUR PROMISES.

Our top priority is Customer Satisfaction. We deliver high-quality products, provide exceptional service and support, measure success through client and customer perceptions, and take individual ownership of client and customer concerns.

Excellence is something that we achieve by surpassing the highest levels of performance. By approaching everything we do with this objective we set ourselves apart.

People are our most important asset. We hire outstanding people and devote ourselves to their success by investing in their growth, development and continuous improvement. We establish win-win relationships with all employees, respect their right to balance their personal and professional lives, and value diversity within our people. We advocate an environment of open and honest communication, trust, and respect for other’s opinions.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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